Fliki Review: Realistic AI Text to Speech Software
Fliki Review: Realistic AI Text to Speech Software

Finally, an AI text to speech software that doesn’t sound like a robot voice from 20 years ago.

In fact, Fliki is so advanced, you can create videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and even more all just from text right within their platform.

Read our Fliki review and find out if this AI text-to-speech with video & audio generation software is worth it for you.

What is Fliki?

From the creators of the Rytr AI‘s writing assistant, Fliki is an AI text-to-speech software packed full of different realistic sounding voices to choose from.

This makes it easy to create any spoken audio from text alone.

Who is Fliki AI for?

Fliki AI review - text-to-speech software for business

Fliki AI is perfect for podcasters, authors, video creators, influencers, digital marketers, and anyone else creating content.

You can easily use Fliki to create audiobooks, podcasts, narration, and even videos using just text.

Whether you need a voiceover for a video, to narrate an audiobook, or to publish a radio commercial, Fliki is the one-stop solution.


Fliki is packed full of amazing features never seen before in a text to speech software.

Let’s go over some of the most important features of Fliki, and how you can use it to create audio, video, and podcast content all from text.

Create Scripts with AI

Creating scripts with Fliki is as easy as picking a voice and adding your text.

You can have scripts of people talking to each other with multiple voices.

I was able to create an intro and outro script for the Marketing with Robots Podcast with music and voices. Then I downloaded each one and simply added it to the front and back of podcast episode.

Additionally, I created different ad reads that I can insert into any of my podcast episodes promoting certain products.

Create Videos with AI

Creating Videos from Text with Fliki AI

One of the most unique features of Fliki is the ability to create videos from text with realistic narration.

This can be perfect for creating short news blurbs and uploading them to TikTok or YouTube, or promoting products and services on Instagram and Facebook.

Create Podcasts with AI

Using Fliki, I started the Marketing with Robots podcast, created an episode, and pushed my profile and that episode out to other audio publishers such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

It was incredibly easy and the episode sounds official and natural.

I found a voice I liked (after much trial and error), and then I simply pasted the content of my blog posts that I thought would make a good episode.

Then I had to skim through the episode and adjust some of the text to make it sound better spoken, but that was it.

Create Audiobooks with AI

Another amazing feature we had to experiment with was the audiobook feature in Fliki.

I took my blog post topic, created a ‘New Book’, added chapters based on my headings, and converted my text into spoken word!

Ideally, I would build this book up to be pretty big. The blog post itself is already several thousand words, but to create an audiobook I could charge for, I would probably want to do even more.

75+ Languages

Don’t settle for creating video and audio automatically in just one language, Fliki offers 75+ natural sounding languages to choose from.

You can create content for all of these languages using the same scripts to broaden your market appeal.

750+ Voices

Fliki AI Text-to-Speech 750+ Voices and 75+ Languages

There are a TON of different sounding voices in both male and female that you can tweak to match any project.

You can select a voice in your target language, choose an accent (if you want), pick the gender, and even give them different styles like ‘Excited’ or ‘Angry’ or ‘Sad’.

There are even child voices which opens up some incredible potential for audio targeting children, such as for toys or children’s audiobooks.


I had so much fun using this software and creating different scripts, podcast episodes, and even a short audiobook.

Here are some of the biggest perks of using Fliki AI.

Tons of Male & Female Voices

With so many voices to choose from, you can pick a voice for any project you have.

Since we write and produce content and target only English-speaking audiences, I have only experimented with the English voices in different dialects.

Some of the best and most natural sounding voices in Fliki we found are:

  • Sara (the default woman)
  • Davis (black guy)
  • Ana (female child)
  • Matthew (white guy)
  • Tony (nerdy white guy)
  • William (sexy Australian guy)
  • Natasha (exotic Australian woman)
  • Mitchell (New Zealand Kiwi)
  • Amy (British accent woman)
  • Oliver (British accent man)
  • Chilemba (smooth Kenyan man)
  • Asilia (smooth Kenyan woman)

Most Natural Sounding AI Voices

While some of the voices can be a little robotic, many of them are perfect and can be used immediately for whatever audio project you need.

Built-in Video Creator

Creating videos from text using the built-in video creator

It’s so easy to make any video you can imagine, fully voiced and narrated the way you want.

You can use free videos by just searching and selecting in their video library, or you can upload your own.

There is a potentially unlimited amount of video content you can create using AI and Fliki.

Turn Blogs into Videos and Podcasts in Seconds

Take your blog content and easy turn it into unique videos and podcasts you can upload on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and more.

Just pick a voice, copy your text into Fliki, and watch it be turned into an actual video using a combination of text-to-speech voiceovers and stock videos.

Pronunciation, Speech Rate, & Pitch Editor

There are some times where the AI voice doesn’t come out right, but have no fear!

You can simply adjust the tone lower or higher, or make the voice speak faster or slower.

During our tests, we did find some combinations of words that just didn’t sound right without some adjustment.

Different Dialect Options

Fliki Text to Speech Voice and Dialect Options

Need a hot Australian accent for your videos? How about a suave, intelligent British voiceover?

Not only can you select your language for the voiceover, you can add different dialects for a little more personality and ‘flavor’.

Customer Support

Just like the Rytr AI writing software by the same team, Fliki has amazing customer support.

I had run into a few small issues during my testing and was always able to immediately get help from their live chat agents.


No software is perfect, and what would a review be without a little nit-picking?

Word Credit Limits Seem Low

Fliki Word Credit Limits

Unless you’re on the Premium plan, you may feel a little restricted with the word credit limits if you are a power user.

If you’re like me, you’re going to be doing a ton of testing and tweaking to learn the software, how it works, and what voices work best for your needs.

I easily blew through the free 500 credits and then spent my next 5,000 creating a single podcast episode.

Pro tip: Instead of pressing the play button on each section, just highlight the parts you want to hear and click ‘Pronounce’ and it will play without using your credits every time you tweak it. Then when you are satisfied you can press the play button and only use that amount of credits.

Not All Voices are Great

Unfortunately, some of the 750+ voices are not that great.

Some do sound pretty robotic, and some sound unnatural, tinny, or ‘fuzzy’.

Luckily, there are a ton that are near perfect which can make up for the poorer options. Plus you can change the way they pronounce things or tune how they say certain words.

Refer to the list earlier in this blog for some of their awesome voices if you get overwhelmed with options.

Fliki Cost & Plans

Fliki AI Pricing and Costs

Now on to the cost of the pricing plans for Fliki.

Amazingly, they offer a completely free tier for you to use and test out the software first to make sure you like it.

The 500 word count limit for the free account basically just gives you enough credits to test it out.

Only on the Premium Plan do I feel like you get enough credits to truly be able to create as much content as you need without feeling limited.

However, you can get 50% off your entire subscription if you go for the annual purchase. That is definitely the best option as long as you are committed to creating audio content.

Is Fliki Worth It?

Fliki is 100% worth your money if you are looking to generate audio and video from text with AI.

Not only is it incredibly effective, but it is quick to get up and running with your next video, podcast, or audiobook.

This isn’t just any old text-to-speech software like what’s been around for 20+ years already. This is the new hot stuff that will be taking over businesses by storm.

You can use Fliki to turn your boring text into 100% unique videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and much more.

Fliki makes it so much easier to expand your businesses into new content creation avenues that would otherwise require a ton of extra time and money.

With less than it would cost to purchase a high-quality microphone, you can start your dream podcast from home and never have to speak a word.

Final Fliki Review Rating

To conclude our Fliki review here at Marketing with Robots, we’re giving Fliki a big 10/10 for providing an amazing and affordable text-to-speech AI software.

The fact that you can create podcasts, videos, and audiobooks from absolutely nothing is mind-boggling.

Seriously, nothing beats the functionality of this software, and you have absolutely nothing to lose by testing the free plan on their website here.

Hopefully this Fliki review has helped you discover whether this software is for you or not.