WordAi Review 2023 – It Is a Brilliant AI Text Rewriter
WordAi Review 2023 – It Is a Brilliant AI Text Rewriter

Blogging happens to be one of the most lucrative methods to supplement your income. However, in order to do so effectively, you must also produce compelling content. Content is the foundation of any blogging website. And if you manage a large number of specialized websites or WordPress blogs, you need regular quality material.

You will need sufficient time to produce high-quality material. Whether it’s an affiliate blog, a how-to guide blog, a review blog, or an online store, Content is needed everywhere. You cannot just sacrifice the content quality in order to save time. So, what is the answer at this point?

One solution is to use article spinners. Over the years, I have tried many of them, but unfortunately, most of them are useless junk with big claims. There are only a few options that actually produce the results that you will love. One such incredible article spinner tool is WordAi, which allows you to generate a new article with a single click. Leading bloggers across the world often use this program to generate highly-quality human-readable content.

Thus, today I’m going to do a comprehensive evaluation of WordAi – one of the most powerful content spinner and rephrasers to exist. In this review of WordAi, you are going to learn a lot of this program and its capabilities.

Here are a few things to expect from this review:

  • Features of WordAi.
  • How to use WordAi?
  • Pricing for WordAi.
  • WordAi’s Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Alternatives to WordAi.

What Really Is WordAi?

WordAi is a tool for article rewriting and article paraphrasing that can spin a blog and create new content using different wordings and synonyms. With this program, you may generate completely original and never-before-seen content.

This content spinning program properly comprehends the meaning of the term content. This spinning tool sees phrases as more than a collection of words; it views them as living, breathing entities that interact with one another. This human-like comprehension enables WordAi to recreate whole phrases from scratch mechanically. This extensive rewrite guarantees that neither Google, nor Copyscape can identify your content while keeping it legible for humans.

A Brief WordAi Review

WordAi is designed to be an article rewriter software. I prefer calling it an article paraphraser that can be used to rewrite an existing article to generate new and original content. This content rewriting program has the benefit of supporting many languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Before WordAi begins praphrasing, it examines the whole article to determine both the article’s “general” topic and the “specifics” of what occurs in the piece. WordAi can now generate complex paragraphs, sentences and document level rephrasing depending on its in-depth knowledge of the content. Because no other computer has this degree of comprehension, your blog content seems to be authored by a person. It can even detect what the content is about and generate high-quality titles accordingly.

When it comes to content quality, WordAi will always provide you the option of making the produced piece more distinctive or more readable. The more legible choices you pick, the more content with more common terms will appear. If you choose something more unique, you will be presented with words and phrases that are rare and not often used in the original article. I believe the output quality is superior to that of other comparable paraphrasing programs. The only other tool that can generate such high-quality paraphrased content is QuillBot. You can try that one, too!

The latest and most powerful version of WordAi, known as WordAi Version 4, was just released.

The current WordAi version, version 4, has the following features:

  • It comprehends not just the meaning of each word, but also how different words interact among themselves in a sentence.
  • It searches for methods to modify your content so that it reflects what it really meant.
  • WordAi will often totally rewrite phrases such that they have little resemblance to the original.
  • The final output is original and won’t be flagged as spun content by Google.

Some of WordAi’s Most Important Features

WordAi Version 4 has the following features:


Version 4 of WordAi is 149.8 times quicker than Version 3 of WordAi, which can produce rephrased articles nearly instantaneously.

Intelligently Spins Titles

The most sophisticated title spinner ever developed was introduced to WordAi Version 4. The “title brain” will intelligently read your content and create unique and appropriate titles.

Paragraph and List Spinning

WordAi is capable of spinning more than just words and sentences. WordAi has the ability to rewrite whole paragraphs and intuitively reorganize lists. This will save you a lot of time.

Quality Enhancements Using Perfect Tense

WordAi will detect spelling and grammatical errors and replace them with synonyms thanks to the Perfect Tense integration, resulting in rephrased articles that are even better than the original content.

“PerfectTense” is a program that can fix your grammatical mistakes in any article or content, in case you didn’t know.

Supports HTML

With the release of version 4, WordAi now allows editing HTML and spinning the same directly in the editor. You can now add style, spin images and video clips, among other things, with ease.

Article Import from Article Forge

If you’re unsure what content to spin, you may simply connect your Article Forge account and create ready-to-spin articles with a single click.

Article Forge is a technology that uses a keyword to generate human-quality new content in less than 60 seconds.

Bulk Spinning

It makes no difference whether you need to spin as few as 10 articles or as many as 1,000 articles. WordAi can handle everything with only one upload.

Supports Four Languages

WordAi now supports French, Spanish, and Italian, allowing you to create high-quality content capable of ranking in untapped international markets. Of course, English is the default language that WordAi supports.

How Do You Use WordAi?

Using WordAi is simple and straightforward. You must start by registering for the service. You can start using it only after you attach your credit card, which is kind of a bummer. I personally do not prefer this method, especially when you are offering a free trial. Free trial should be a no-obligation trial without the need for a credit card.

Anyway, once you are done registering and attaching a credit card for initiating billing post the free trial period, you will get to use the program.

This is how the interface looks like:

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The Interface

Carefully notice a few things:

  • Two side-by-side panels.
  • An option of selecting the number of rewrites you want.
  • A slider with three options.
  • A rewrite button.

This is how it works from start to end:

Step 1:

Paste your content in the left panel.

Step 2:

Select the number of rewrites you need using the dropdown.

Step 3:

Select from the three different methods of writing using the slider. The options include:

  • More Conservative: This option will retain a larger chunk of the original words from the original copy.
  • Regular: It keeps things formal and changes almost the entire copy while retaining the meaning of the original copy.
  • More Adventurous: It will fancy up things quite a lot. This may lead to deviation from the original meaning.

The default selection is Regular, which works perfectly fine, maintaining over 90% uniqueness for most of the cases. However, do not forget that there can be some errors in the end results, because it is eventually written by an AI.

Step 4:

Once you have selected everything, just hit the “Rewrite” button and wait. Once the rewrite is done, it will show up on the right panel.

The Small Icons

You will notice four small icons on the right side of the screen. These are the icons

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Here is what the icons signify (in the exact order – top to bottom):

  • Copy to clipboard – It will copy the rewritten text. You can just paste it anywhere you want. You can put it in a Word document, a text file, or directly on your blog.
  • Highlight Unchanged Phrases – Clicking on the bell icon will highlight the phrases that have not been altered by WordAi.
  • Export – The third icon is for exporting. You can export the rewritten or paraphrased content using this option. Once you choose to export, it will ask you whether you want to export the rewritten articles or the rewrite syntax. If you asked for multiple rewriters, the exporter would ask you how many rewritten versions you want to export.
  • Save – This option will allow you to save the rewritten content and keep it online. You can access the article later from the dashboard menu.

The Menu

The menu is located on the left side. You can get multiple options here including the following:

  • Option for bulk rewriting.
  • Option for accessing saved articles.
  • Option for accessing the API.
  • Options for changing the rewrite settings.
  • Usage information.
  • Affiliate earning details.
  • Access to customer support.

Here is how the menu looks like:

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The most noteworthy and important menu item is the Rewrite Settings.

This is where you can define various parameters and WordAi will ensure to follow those instructions while rewriting.

Rewrite Settings

As I said, this is the most important segment of all settings. Here is what you find when you click on that menu option:

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By default, the options will be disabled. You must enable the options using the dropdown option on the top right corner.

Once you enable it, the available options will show up.

The options you get here include the following:

  • Protected Words: You can define words that you want to retain, that is, you don’t want WordAi to use synonyms for those words.
  • Protect Quotes: This option will protect the quotations in your article and never alter them.
  • Protect Titles: If you do not want the titles to be rewritten, you must flip on this option.
  • Protect URL: If your original content has URLs, you must turn on this option.
  • Custom Synonyms: If you want to add custom synonyms for certain words, you can define them in the segment. Remember that the synonyms you add will be case sensitive, and they will be used for rewriting any article (bulk or single).

Once you are done, just hit the update button, and it will be done! The new settings will take effect the moment you start rewriting new articles.

Bulk Rewrite

This is how the bulk rewrite page looks like:

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For bulk rewrite, you must upload the articles either in CSV format or in Zip format. If you are uploading it in CSV format, you must follow the format defined. Anything outside that will not be accepted.

Once you have all the articles in the required format, all you need to do is select the file, select the number of rewrites you need, select the method of rewriting using the slider and then hit the “Rewrite” button.

That’s all!


WordAi also offers an API service that you can use for integrating WordAi with a variety of other services including Article Forge, SEO Content Machine, and more.

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API is useful for building custom solutions (if you are a developer), or for automating various processes through other platforms and software programs.

All you must do is copy the provided API and paste it in the place where you want it to be. The other program will then use WordAi’s services for rewriting your content.

That’s all!

Pricing for WordAi

WordAi is insanely powerful. Yes, at times, it does come up with faulty stuff, but that is rare. Considering its insanely powerful capabilities, WordAi has kept a higher price tag.

There are two pricing options available. They are:

  • Monthly Subscription: It will cost you $57 a month.
  • Yearly Subscription: It will cost you at the rate of $27 a month but billed yearly. That is, you must pay for an entire year up front. So, the total you must pay is $27*12 = $324. You will be billed that amount every year.

They also have a third pricing option for Enterprises, but that comes with bespoke pricing. You must contact their customer support to get the prices, which will rely on your requirements.

WordAi Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of WordAi

  • Clean and intuitive interface.
  • Online access – can be accessed from any internet-connected device that offers a web browser.
  • Allows adding own synonyms.
  • Allows protecting different words.
  • Allows protecting quotations, titles, and URLs.
  • Provides API access for third-party integrations.
  • Provides quality enhancements by fixing grammar, spelling errors, etc.
  • Provides support for HTML.
  • Allows formatting articles directly into the WordAi editor.
  • Allows bulk spinning and rephrasing.
  • Gives side-by-side view of original and rewritten content for easy comparing and editing.

Cons of WordAi

  • Somewhat expensive.
  • No plugin for Microsoft Word and Google Docs. There is no browser extension available.
  • Does not allow access to stock images for inserting into the rewritten articles.
  • There is no free version available.
  • Even the trial version is for a very short time, and it requires attaching a credit card.

Alternatives to WordAi

As I said earlier, finding a powerful article spinner or rephraser is very difficult. WordAi is one of the very few options that you can rely on. But are there other alternatives? Yes, there are. They are:


It is an article rephraser that uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to rewrite articles. It does an excellent job in rewriting articles, and they are very human readable. No one can understand that it is written by an AI.

Here are the core features:

  • Offers 6 different modes or rewriting (all six available only in the premium version)
  • Allows comparing the rewrites in different modes.
  • Allows selecting the degree of synonyms you want to use.
  • Sometimes rewrites sentences entirely.
  • Allows uploading a document or pasting it directly into the editor.
  • Allows freezing certain words. This is similar to the protected words feature of WordAi.
  • Allows selecting between different types of English (British, American, and Australian).
  • Offers a Word plugin. It works seamlessly with Google Chrome and Google Docs.
  • They have a mobile application (currently under development) accessible through Google Play Store.
  • It has a web interface, making it platform independent.

The problems include:

  • No bulk rewrites.
  • No API access (API access was previously provided but the stopped it for unknown reasons).
  • The interface is slightly buggy.

As far as pricing is concerned, QuillBot is insanely cheap. You get a monthly subscription for $7.95 USD a month. A half-yearly subscription costs $4.99 a month, billed every six months. They have a yearly plan that costs $3.33 a month, billed every 12 months.

They also have a free version available that limits the available writing modes to two, limits the number of characters for paraphrasing to 700 characters, allows 3 synonym levels, and allows freezing only 1 word or phrase per rewrite.


Wordtune is the next best option you will have. It is also a rephraser that allows selecting between formal and casual tones and allows extending or shortening sentences.

They have a free version available that allows rephrasing only 20 sentences a day. No other fine-tuning feature is available.

The Premium plan that costs $9.99 a month for yearly billing ($119.88 a year) and $24.99 a month for monthly billing, allows rewriting unlimited sentences, also selecting casual or formal tone, allows shortening or expanding sentences, and provides premium support.

While the rewrites are really good, and all sentences actually feel like they were written by humans, it is far inferior to QuillBot and WordAi in the number of features available.

For instance, it will not allow freezing or protecting words. This is not an ideal solution. Also, there is no API access, no ability to determine the extent of synonym usage, etc.

On top of that, Wordtune is way more expensive than QuillBot, but way less expensive than WordAi.


WordAi is revolutionary. There is no doubt about it. However, it is very expensive for a casual user! If you have money, and you need bulk rewrites, going for WordAi makes sense. It will help you in pushing more and more content to your websites while retaining originality. You won’t be busted for plagiarism. I use it and I recommend it.

However, if you do not have the need for bulk rewrites, and if your budget does not permit, I will suggest you opt for QuillBot.